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In the old times, the clay charcoal burner known as "Abuhan" was widely used for cooking and heating because of its low-cost operation and ease of use. However, these clay burners were susceptible to breakage.

CIFCO has reinvented the traditional Abuhan to suit everybody's cooking and heating requirements. Cast-Iron is adopted for durability. Technical and engineering improvements are introduced to allow portability, flame control, clean and easy operation, and re-usage of charcoal.

In our present times of high gas and energy prices, the CIFCO Smokeless Charcoal Stove is the perfect answer to our everyday cooking and heating needs.

CIFCO Smokeless Charcoal Stove
  - Low cost of operation
  - Portable
  - Smokeless
  - Easy setup and operation
  - Easy flame adjustment with built-in air controller
  - Efficient with innovative charcoal chamber
  - Interchangeable ring adaptors to suit different     cooking needs
  - More savings from charcoal re-usage
  - Clean operation with ash collection pan
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